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In 1996 this West Kentucky website came online. We have attempted to list every West Kentucky kentucky Lake tourism site and provide a you link to it. We provide the listing and link to all of West Kentucky's tourism industry so that visitors to this region can see all the things to do here.

West Kentucky has new and repeat visitors from around the world, each seeking information on West Kentucky's vast tourism attractions and services. Funding has come from the Marshall County Tourist Commission. But we are seeking the support of others.

Kentucky Tourism Website Promotion Possibilities
We offer businesses the opportunity to increase your own traffic to their website to this same targeted West Kentucky Tourism-oriented audience with a display ad to aid in attracting increased internet traffic to your Website. Our visitors are interested in every aspect of tourism around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. They are researching information on things to do, and to visit and for needed accommodations, food and services.

The common thread is an interest in attracting visitors to your own tourism Website.
Space is limited. As the purpose of our promotional display program is to help with funding to keep this site active and online we reserve the right to limit the number of displays on this Website.


Site Visitors And Website Promotion
Banner promotional displays provide an ideal marketing potential to attract additional attention to your own Website and to increase visitation. A click on your banner display will take the visitor direct to your very own Website.

Banner Display Mechanics
We accept banner promotional displays in three common internet standard sizes: 480x64, 468x60 and 180x60 pixel sizes. You may provide us with the promotional display via an e-mail or disk or you may also provide information pointing to the banner on your own site and we will visit and "claim" it for use. All displays must be of either the "jpg," "jpeg" or "gif" file types. Animated gifs are permitted. File sizes should be as small as possible for quick loading. There are no restrictions but we reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for reasons of excessive file size or not being appropriate for our Website. If you need any assistance with the creation of your banner display please contact West Kentucky Webworks. Choice of location or placement is not available. However, your promotional display will appear on the page with your individual Website listing. If you are listed under more than one heading on West Kentucky Tourism please advise on which page the display should appear. You may also opt for multiple insertions at reduced rates.

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Click here for a listing of events, attractions, festivals and fun things to do around Kentucky Lake.

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